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MySQL Articles

May 20

MySQL Master-Slave Replication

MySQL replication is the act of actively cloning all changes made on one server (master) to another server(s) (slaves). This is commonly done to create backups of data as well as to add multiple servers in which applications can query against. This becomes advantageous in high read environments where there is concern for bogging down […]

Apr 15

MySQL Query Profiling

MySQL query profiling is a useful technique when trying to analyze the overall performance of a database driven application. When developing a mid to large size application, there tends to be hundreds of queries distributed throughout a large code base and potentially numerous queries ran against the database per second. Without some sort of query […]

Feb 03

CentOS 6.4 MySQL VPS Setup

I recently started using Digital Ocean for VPS hosting and have been very satisfied. At first I set up a single VPS droplet to host both web server and databases but then decided to break MySQL off onto its own droplet. Digital Ocean recently added private networking in my region which ensures the droplets will […]

Jan 27

MySQL Data Types

When designing a database it is very important that you use the correct data types for your tables. Data types affect everything from overall size to querying efficiency. This is a great article to bookmark for reference as data types are a very important part of database design. I will be covering numeric, both integer […]

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