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Jul 11

AWS Lambda Versions and Aliases

Lambda is a great tool for micro service architectures. They are easy to configure, scale well, and have a pay for what you use model. As the services scale out it becomes important to establish development workflows that provide easy deployments and roll backs for production code. AWS Lambda versions and aliases provide configurations for […]

May 21

Serverless Auth with AWS Cognito

The rise of serverless architectures has accentuated the need for modular, robust user auth systems. While there are many options, I’m going to take a look at serverless auth with AWS Cognito. AWS Cognito offers both security with the use of the SRP protocol and JWT, as well as easy implementation. In AWS there several […]

Jan 15

Serverless ReactJS with AWS S3

Serverless computing compliments the microservice architecture very well. Instead of provisioning and monitoring a fleet of servers for all the various services, simply use the serverless architecture, only pay for what is used, and don’t spend dev time on maintaining and monitoring infrastructure. Also, by serverless’s cloud based nature and consumption use pricing, serverless architectures […]

Aug 27

AWS S3 Web Hosting

Amazon’s Simple Storage Service (S3) is a simple, cheap way to store data. It’s not the lowest latency storage option available, but it is a great tool for scalable, durable storage, making it a perfect candidate for hosting a website. To get a site hosted, first create a bucket and enable Static Web Hosting under […]

Jun 02

Understanding TCP and UDP

There are two popular types of protocols for sending data over a network: TCP and UDP. Both protocols are built on top of the Internet Protocol thus both send packets to an IP address. TCP/IP is the main protocol used on the Internet. When a user requests a page load a TCP connection is made […]

Jan 25

Website Build for Search Engine Optimization

I’ve compiled a list of some Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques to consider during a site build. These are the essentials when it comes to preparing a site build for SEO. An important thing to remember when thinking about SEO: Importance (rank) is popularity. Keywords are playing less and less of a role as search […]

Jan 13

Website Performance with Browser Caching: Part 2 – Dynamic Files

As outlined in the previous article, browsers will cache static files by default. However, HTML files and scripts, PHP in this case, do not cache by default because they do not return ETag or Last-Modified values. Also, scripting files are used to generate dynamic content, so caching such requests would be counter productive as the […]

Jan 13

Website Performance with Browser Caching: Part 1 – Static Files

Controlling the way a browser caches your websites is a very important tool in delivering high performance websites. Many developers rely on default browser caching functionality and don’t leverage client side caching to it’s full capabilities. Modern browsers will cache requests to static files by default (CSS, JS, images, etc.) but will not cache dynamic […]

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