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Computer Science Articles

Mar 04

Sorting Algorithms

Here is a great resource animating the efficiencies of the various sorting algorithms. Selection Sort Time Complexity:  O(N^2 / 2)  Space Complexity:  O(1)  The selection sort iterates an array, finds the smallest value and swaps it with the value in the current slot (starting at the beginning of the array), then moves onto the next […]

Dec 26

Binary Search Tree

Binary search trees are excellent data structures for determining relativity i.e. determining where keys are stored in relation to other keys, on data sets that need to be updated. Sorted arrays can be used for relativity using a binary search algorithm which provides search in O(logn); however this is only efficient on static data sets, […]

Feb 18

Understanding Big O Algorithm Analysis

Algorithm analysis is a key component of successful software development. Often times we as developers get reliant on the languages that we use and allow their libraries to hide complexities that we should be taking the time to understand. Learning how native language functions are implemented and how well they perform is an essential part […]

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