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About Who I am & What I do

Who I am

I’ve been working in the software industry for over a decade now. After graduating high school I enrolled in a Web Development AAS degree at a community college. Over the course of two years I got experience in a wide range of computer topics, from programming to database administration to advanced Linux usage. Upon graduation I immediately got hired on as a web developer at a medium sized tech company in Seattle. It was good experience; however, there wasn’t much room for advancement and I ended up returning to school.

Having received the AAS degree I essentially had to start over with general education in order to get my engineering degree. Throughout most of my college career I worked full time for a small business doing contract LAMP development. By the time I graduated with my engineering degree, I had several years of full time web development experience.

After traveling for awhile, I got hired on as a full time Java developer and started working with some of the newer industry technologies on a large production scale. I find it both exciting and fascinating to keep up with and learn new technologies, as well as being apart of an ever evolving industry. I look forward to the challenges and opportunities of the the future.

What I do

Over the past few positions, I have been a full time software developer with emphasis on writing Java, PHP, Python, TypeScript, and Node.js code as well as Linux and AWS administration. Every professional work environment I have been apart of has required me to have an in-depth understanding of and to use object oriented design principles. Many of my professional projects have included the use of MVC frameworks which has given me an expert understanding of how to setup, manage, and maintain large MVC structured applications. Recently I have been working a lot with micro service architectures, moving away from the monolithic MVC approach and working more with cloud computing and serverless micro services. I also have varying programming experience with JavaScript libraries (jQuery, ReactJS, HapiJS), C#, C++, CSS, and HTML.

Both my personal projects and work environment require me to run and maintain web servers. I am comfortable installing, monitoring, and debugging various Linux web server setups, including the use of: Apache, Docker, Nginx, MySQL, MongoDB, etc. as well as networking multiple servers or virtual machines into a single system. However, I now place more emphasis on mastering cloud computing services such as Amazon Web Services, and have a wide range of experience architecting cloud solutions.

I have working experience with both SQL and NoSQL databases. I am comfortable writing complex SQL, triggers, joins, views, stored procedures, functions, etc., as well as monitoring database performance, creating back ups, setting up database replication, and user privileges. I have also worked with a variety of AWS cloud storage options: S3, DynamoDB, ElasticCache, Redshift, ElasticSearch, etc.

I have a strong understanding of the tools that are available to me as a software engineer and have comprehensive, in-depth understanding of the technologies I work with, which has been part of the motivation for creating my software engineering blog. I am very passionate about what I do, and enjoy reading, learning, and advancing my knowledge and expertise with technology.